Contoh Soal Conditional Sentence Type 1 2 3 & Jawabannya

Contoh Soal Conditional Sentence Type 1 2 3 beserta Jawabannya (Pilihan Ganda). Pada kali ini, kami akan membagikan contoh latihan soal mata pelajaran bahasa inggris, khususnya bahasa inggris SMA SMK, yaitu tentang materi conditional sentence. Sebelum kita ke soal conditional sentence, kami akan sedikit berbagi materi tentang conditional sentence.

Apa itu pengertian conditional sentence? Conditional sentence jika kita pahami melalui bahasa Indonesia, maka conditional sentence adalah kalimat pengandaian, atau bida juga dimaknai sebagai kalimat bersyarat yang mungkin akan terjadi jika ada syarat yang terpenuhi.

Contoh Soal Conditional Sentence Type 1 2 3 

Berikut ini contoh conditional sentence : “If I study hard, I will pass the exam.” Terjemahan : Jika saya belajar dengan giat, saya akan lulus ujian. Yang mana “If I study hard” adalah if-clause, sedangkan “I will pass the exam” adalah main clause.

Conditional sentence dibagi menjadi 3 type yang dikenal dengan sebutan conditional sentence type 1 2 3. Masing-masing type dari conditional sentence mempunyai rumus yang berbeda-beda. Berikut ini rumus conditional sentence type 1 2 3 dan contoh kalimatnya.
# Conditional Sentence Type If-clause Main Clause
1 Type 1 If I study hard (If+present simple) I will pass the exam (... will+infinitive)
2 Type 2 If I studied hard (If+past simple) I would pass the exam (... would+infinitive)
3 Type 3 If I had studied hard (If+past perfect) I would have passed the exam (... would+have+past participle)
Sudah sedikit paham ya, tentang materi dasar dari conditional sentence. Nah, untuk lebih memahaminya, kita langsung ke contoh soal conditional sentence. Dalam latihan soal ini, jenis soal yang kami sediakan yaitu jenis soal pilihan ganda (multiple choice). Soal ini sangat coock bagi anda yang sedang mempersiapkan ujian nasional.

Contoh soal conditional sentence type 1 2 3 ini sudah kami lengkapi dengan jawaban dan pembahasan soal, yang dapat membantu anda dalam menjawab berbagai pertanyaan tentang conditional sentence yang telah disediakan. Tanpa panjang lebar lagi, berikut ini soal dan jawaban conditional sentence.

Soal Pilihan Ganda Conditional Sentence

1. The man hit by a car yesterday would have died if the doctors had not immediately
operated on him.

From the above sentence, we may conclude that ...
A. the man will be immediately operated on
B. the man is still alive
C. It's too late to save the man
D. the man died after the operation
E. the doctors did not operate on him
Jawab : B
Kalimat diatas adalah conditional type 3, yang berarti faktanya bertentangan dengan conditional nya: fakta = The man did not die, because the doctors operated on him.

2. "If I had known that you were in Surabaya, I would have shown you some interesting places."
A. Yes, It was such an interesting trip
B. Thank you for showing me around Surabaya
C. I'm sorry, I didn't have time to write you before I left for Surabaya
D. Thank you, I will really enjoy that
E. That's a good idea. I haven't had time to go around Surabaya
Jawab : C
Fakta dari kondisional tersebut adalah I didn't know that you were in Surabaya, so I didn't show you some interesting places. Jadi tanggapan yang paling tepat yang menyatakan bahwa tidak ada pemberitahuan.

3. "Had the company been fair in giving bonuses, the employees would not have gone on strike."
A. the employees were quite dissatisfied
B. the employees are still going on strike
C. the employees were not given bonuses at all
D. the company has given the employees fair bonuses
E. the company has lost many employees
Jawab : A
Fakta dari conditional tersebut adalah "the company was not fair in giving bonuses, so the employees went on strike". Jadi kesimpulan yang paling tepat adalah para pekerja kecewa

4. If I hadn’t booked in advance, I would have had difficulties in geing good accomodation at a reasonable price.
These sentence means....
A. I got a good room and I didn’t have to pay much
B. It was difficult to get a room although I had a reservation
C. The room I got was good but rather expensive
D. I found a room in advance but in wasn't comfortable
E. I was lucky to get a good room without reservation
Jawab : E
Fakta dari kalimat conditional tersebut adalah /booked in advance, I didn't have difficulties in getting good room at reasonable price. Jadi, kesimpulan yang paling tepat adalah saya
kamar yang bagus dan harganya murah.

5. Had the make up class been an nounced earlier, more students would have attended
the lecture.

From the above sentence we may conclude that ...
A. no students came to the make up class
B. many students knew about the make up class
C. students did not want to attend the class
D. many students missed the make up class
E. the make up class was not announced
Jawab : D
Fakta dari kalimat tersebut adalah "The make up class was announced late, so few students attended the lecture". Jadi kesimpulannya banyak siswa yang tidak masuk

6. If I work harder, I ... my paper in due time.
A. will finish
B. would finish
C. has finished
D. will be finished
E. will have finished
Jawab : A
Conditional tipe 1 mempunyai rumus = if + S + V1, S +will +inf

7. Anggi : Why weren't you in class yesterday?
Rindy : I was sick. If I hadn’t eaten spicy food, I wouldn’t have had a stomachache.

The underlined sentence means ...
A. Rindi had
B. Rindi has
C. Anggi had
D. Anggi has
E. both of them had
Jawab : A
Conditional type 3 tersebut mempunyai fakta: I ate spicy food, so I had stomachache

8. X : John had drawn all his money because he needed it for his father's operation.
Y: .... If his father's health had not been in a such bad condition.
A. He would not take all his money
B. He should take all his money
C. He didn't take all his money
D. He must have taken all his money
E. He wouldn't have taken all his money
Jawab : E
Conditional type 3 mempunyai pola = S+ would + have + V3, If + S+ had +V3
dengan bentuk yang berlawanan dengan fakta.

9. Lucy : Many of the participants were disappointed because they expected to have a serious talk with the minister of women's affairs
Secretary: I know I'm sure that the minister would have attended the meeting If she had returned from middle east.

From the dialogue we can conclude that the minister ....
A. is still on tour
B. didn't attend the meeting
C. had a serious talk with the participants
D. went to the middle east because of the meeting
E. had been back from her tour before the meeting
Jawab : B
Fakta dari kalimat pengandaian tersebut adalah "The minister did not attend the meeting because she had not returned from the middle east.

10. "Why didn't you be those shoes? You seemed to like them".
"I would have, if they had been cheaper."
A. I did by the shoes
B. I was not again the price
C. the shoes were too expensive
D. I looked for a more expensive pain
E. the shoes were a bargain
Jawab : C
Karena conditional type 3 faktanya tipe 2 dan maknanya berlawanan.
"Saya akan membelinya kalau harganya lebih murah" berarti faktanya, "Saya tidak membelinya karena harganya mahal". Jadi jawabannya C.

11. "If they had knows that the flood was coming, They would not have stayed In their house."
Means .....
A. They knew that the flood was coming therefore the stayed In their house
B. They decided to stay in their house although the flood was coming
C. They couldn't stay In their house because they knew that the flood was coming
D. They didn't know that the flood was coming therefore, they stayed in their house
E. They didn't want to stay in their house because they knew that the flood was coming
Jawab : D
Karena conditional nya type 3, faktanya type 2, dan maknanya berlawanan "jika mereka tahu banjir sedang datang, mereka tidak akan tinggal di rumah," maka faktanya "mereka tidak tahu bahwa banjir akan datang sehingga mereka tinggal di rumah". Jadi jawabannya D.

12. Had he flown to Madura, he would have seen the bull race. We may conclude that ...
A. the bull race was cancelled
B. he came in time for the bull race
C. bull race frightened him
D. he found the bull race exciting
E. he was not present at the bull race
Jawab : E
Lihat teorinya dan mencoba untuk menjawab
Contoh Soal Conditional Sentence Type 1 2 3 & Jawabannya
13. He .... if I had not reminded him.
A. may forget
B. should forget
C. might have forgotten
D. must forget
E. may forget
Jawab: C
Anak kalimat dengan had + V3 menandakan conditional type 3 memerlukan modal + have + V3

14. Were the doctor here, he would have examine Mary. This means ...
A. The doctor is here and examining Mary
B. Mary ls being examined because the doctor Is here
C. Although the doctor is here, Mary is not examined
D. The doctor ls not here but Mary has been examined
E. Mary cannot be examined because the doctor is not here
Jawab: E
Conditional type 2 faktanya berbentuk Present (V1) dan merupakan lawan dari conditional-nya

15. He will be late for school if he .... at once.
A. does not leave
B. will leave
C. may not leave
D. did not leave
E. had not leave
Jawab : A
Penggunaan will +Inf menunjukkan conditional type 1 dengan predikat V1 (Present) pada anak kalimatnya.

16. Your drawing was very good.
I could have done better if I .... more time.
A. had
B. had had
C. will have had
D. would have
E. will have had
Jawab : B
Conditional type 3 memerlukan anak kalimat dengan bentuk had + V3

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17. If he ... more confident during the Interview, he might got the jobs he wanted.
A. were
B. would be
C. could have been
D. had been
E. was being
Jawab : D
Karena kalimat Conditional type 3 (might + have got) dan menggunakan modal maka kalimat yang ditanyakan bentuknya juga tipe 3 dan tanpa modal. Jadi jawabannya D.

Demikian latihan contoh soal conditional sentence type 1 2 3 dan jawabannya beserta pembahasannya. Jika anda membutuhkan soal bahasa inggris di atas, link download soal sudah kami sediakan.

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