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40 Contoh Soal Grammar dan Kunci Jawaban, Pembahasan

Contoh soal grammar dan kunci jawaban dan pembahasan. Setelah sebelumnya kami telah membagikan 50 soal pilihan ganda tentang grammar bahasa inggris, kali ini kami akan membagikan latihan soal grammar lagi karena masih banyaknya permintaan dari pembaca yang ingin mendalami tentang grammar bahasa inggris. Grammar dalam bahasa inggris merupakan materi penting yang harus dipelajari untuk dapat lancar berkomunikasi dengan bahasa inggris.

Sebelum anda membaca lebih jauh lagi tentang 40 contoh soal grammar dan kunci jawaban, tidak ada salahnya anda membuka juga contoh latihan soal tentang grammar yang sebelumnya sudah pernah kami bagikan, yaitu buka : 50 Soal Pilgan Grammar Inggris dan Pembahasan.

Contoh Soal Grammar dan Kunci Jawaban

Soal grammar bahasa inggris yang kami bagikan kali ini tidak jauh berbeda dengan soal grammar yang lain. Perbedaan soal hanya terletak pada jumlah soal yang kami sediakan. Jika sebelumnya kami membagikan 50 soal pilihan ganda, untuk kali ini kami hanya membagikan 40 soal pilihan ganda (multiple choice).

Karena pilihan jawaban soal grammar ini ada 5 atau a sampai  e, maka contoh soal grammar bahasa inggris ini dapat digunakan untuk berbagai jenjang pendidikan yang ingin belajar tentang grammar, baik itu SMP/MTs, SMA/SMK, bahkan hingga perguruan tinggi.

Dalam latihan soal grammar ini memang sudah kami lengkapi dengan kunci jawaban dan pembahasan, namun anda tetap harus teliti dalam menjawab pertanyaan tentang grammar yang telah disediakan. Siapa tahu ada kunci jawaban dan pembahasan soal grammar  ini ada yang salah.

Jika anda menjumpai ada kunci jawaban yang salah, silahkan hubungi kami melalui kolom komentar. Selanjutnya, tanpa panjang lebar lagi berikut ini latihan contoh soal grammar dan kunci jawaban.

Soal Pilihan Ganda Grammar Bahasa Inggris

1. Agus : Why do you look sad?
Hasan : Because I… my wallet.
a. lost
b. have just lost
c. am just lost
d. just lost
e. will just lost

2. Anita : Was Indonesia team as strong as Malaysia?
Yani : No, I think Malaysia was stronger than Indonesia.
Anita : But … South Korea, Japan or Indonesia?
Yani : South Korea.

a. Which country is the best
b. Which team is the strongest
c. Which country plays better.
d. Which team is the weakest.
e. Which country plays the fastest

3. Diana : Will you have lunch with me ?
Tamara : I’d love to, but I am still full. I… my lunch.
a. has
b. have
c. will have
d. have had
e. am having

4. Cindi : I wonder why Miss Intan … yet.
Putri : I do too. As I know, she is always on time.
a. hasn’t come
b. won’t come
c. didn’t come
d. havn’t come
e. isn’t come

5. Our teacher never … England.
a. visiting
b. visits
c. has visited
d. visited
e. had visited

6. Rasti … her mother before she came home.
a. have phoned
b. phones
c. has phoned
d. phoned
e. had phoned

7. Sinta : Can Joni speak English?
Budi : May be, he… the English course ten two years.
a. joined
b. is joining
c. will join
d. has joined
e. joins

8. The drugs … by Diego, she got influenza.
a. drinking
b. has drank
c. has been drank
d. have drank
e. had been drank

9. Kyle … an accident when they had been in Italy.
a. get
b. gets
c. has got
d. got
e. had got

10. Riki : Here we are! The busiest harbor in Surabaya.
Sinta : Look! A ship is coming.
Gufron : …
Riki : Yes. You know it can carry 2000 passengers at one time.

a. What a beautiful ship!
b. What is a big ship?
c. What a big ship!
d. How big is this ship?
e. How comfortable is the ship?

11. He was helped by a very beautiful nurse.
The underlined word  has nearly the same meaning as …
A. pretty
B. nice
C. modest
D. thoughtful
E. friendly

12. The police …..  for the robber for two years before they caught him.
A. were looked
B. had been looking
C. were being looked
D. have been looking
E. had to be looked

13. “Is the new edition of this book already available?” No, …..
A. it was printed
B. it is printing
C. it is being printed
D. it has printed
E. it has been printed

14. He started to make a living right after the death of his father. The underlined word mean …
A. to look for a house
B. to work hard
C. to get married
D. to stay alive
E. to earn money

15. ”The boys have been told the good news” Mean …
A. The good news about the boys has been told
B. The good news was told to the boys
C. The good news has been told by the boys
D. Somebody has told the boys the good news
E. The boys have told the good news ‘

16. “Why were her eyes red?”
“Because …”.
A. she has cried
B. she cries
C. she had been crying
D. she is crying
E. she has been crying

17. “He must have been seen me eat the fish” means …
A. I conclude that he saw me eat the fish
B. I must eat the fish
C. I’m sure that he saw me eat the fish
D. He must see me eat the fish
E. He could see me eat the fish

18. “What did he promise you?”
“… if he wins the lottery”
A. That he treats me
B. He treats me
C. To treat me
D. I treat him
E. He should treat me

19. His name is Nadia, isn’t …?
A. it
B. he
C. that
D. his
E. so

20. “If I had come earlier, I could have met Bob in person” means …
A. I came early, therefore I could not meet Bob in person”
B.  “I came very early, so that I could meet Bob in person”
C. “Although I came early, I could not meet Bob in person”
D. I came late, so I could not meet Bob in person”
E.  “I did not come late, nevertheless, I could not meet Bob in person”

Contoh Soal Grammar dan Kunci Jawaban, Pembahasan 21 - 40

21. She missed the train. She … earlier.
A. should be leaving
B. should leave
C. must have left
D. must leave
E. should have left

22. These shoes old, … comfortable.
A. neither
B. but
C. while
D. nor
E. quite

23. “… a pity we missed the program.”
A. What is
B. Being
C. That is
D. It is
E. There is

24. “Having covered the typewriter, she turned the light off” means …
A. “Since she had turned the light off, she covered the typewriter”
B.  “While turning off the light, she covered the typewriter”
C. She covered the typewriter, then she turned the light off
D.  “She turned the light off when she covered the typewriter”
E. She turned the light off as she was covering the typewriter”

25. ” …”
“Neither does she”
A. E Does she sew her own clothes?
B. I also sew my own clothes
C. Nor do I sew my own clothes
D. She cannot sew her own clothes
E. I don’t sew my own clothes

Contoh Soal Grammar dan Kunci Jawaban, Pembahasan

26. “Aditya had the oil of his car changed yesterday” means …
A. “Someone asked Aditya to changed the oil of his car”
B.  “He changed the oil of his car”
C. “Someone changed the oil of his car”
D.  “He had to change the oil of his car”
E.  “He would have changed the oil of his car”

27. The disappointed man jumped out of the window and committed …
A. sin
B. suicide
C. death
D. murder
E. crime

28. “I’m sorry for … you all this trouble,
A. disturbing
B. doing
C. causing
D. making
E. creating

29. The teacher has the children … to the passage twice.
A. have listened
B. listen
C. listening
D. listened
E. to listen

30. My neighbor is a well … and very successful businessman.
A. educative
B. educated
C. educating
D. education
E. educate

31.  “I am sorry I don’t know the answer, but I really wish I …”
A. had known
B. know
C. have known
D. knew
E. will know

32. At new year’s eve … continued until early in the morning.
A. they’re singing and dancing
B. to sing and to dance
C. singing and dancing
D. they sing and dance
E. song and dance

33. He knows only a little English, … he is to do good business.
A. therefore
B. unless
C. since
D. moreover
E. but

34. The dishes we had for lunch were all delicious …?
A. weren’t they
B. didn’t they
C. were they
D. hadn’t they
E. had they

35. “If only his son had studied harder” means …
A. His son never studies harder
B. His son did not study harder
C. His son has studied harder
D. His son had studied harder
E. His son will not study harder

36. I was interested in … more about your work.
A. to learning
B. learn
C. learned
D. learning
E. learning

37. Nurul : … Jane?
Sintia : “Yes. She is typing a letter in her room now.
a. Can you see
b. Did you see
c. Have you seen
d. Do you see
e. Have you ever seen

38. … this text several times but I still confused.
a. reading
b. have read
c. have been reading
d. read
e. was reading

39. … a sharp axe, he cut down the tree easily.
A. To have used
B. Using
C. To using
D. To used
E. Have used

40. Chelya : …. ?
Susanti : Yes, I have.
Chelya: When did you go there?
Susanti : Last year.
a. Have you ever gone to New York?
b. Are you going there?
c. Did you go there?
d. Do you go there?
e. Have you go there?

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Kunci Jawaban Contoh Soal Grammar Bahasa Inggris

1 B 11 A 21 E 31 D
2 B 12 B 22 B 32 E
3 D 13 C 23 B 33 E
4 A 14 E 24 E 34 A
5 C 15 D 25 E 35 B
6 E 16 C 26 C 36 D
7 D 17 C 27 B 37 C
8 E 18 B 28 B 38 B
9 D 19 A 29 C 39 B
10 C 20 D 30 B 40 A

40 contoh soal grammar dan kunci jawaban telah kami bagikan kepada para pembaca. Semoga dapat meningkatkan kualitas pembaca dalam bahasa inggris. Jika tidak puas dengan soal grammar di atas, silahkan buka soal bahasa inggris tentang grammar.

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