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50 Contoh Soal Grammar Pilihan Ganda dan Jawabannya

Contoh soal grammar pilihan ganda dan jawabannya. Pada kesempatan kali ini, kami akan membagikan salah satu soal grammar bahasa inggris dan jawabannya. Grammar merupakan salagsatu materi penting dalam pelajaran bahasa inggris, baik itu SD/ MI, SMP/ MTs, dan SMA/ MA/ SMK. Oya, sebelum kami tampilkan contoh soal grammar, apakah kalian sudah memahami tentang apa itu grammar?

Grammar adalah himpunan dari aturan-aturan yang terstruktur yang mengatur susunan kalimat, frase, dan kata dalam bahasa apapun. Intinya, grammar adalah struktur kalimat dalam bahasa inggris. Bahasa inggris berbeda dengan bahasa Indonesia, karena bahasa inggris menggunakan satuan waktu (tenses), oleh karena itu, jika kita ingin mahir dalam bahasa inggris, materi grammar adalah materi wajib yang harus anda kuasai.

Contoh Soal Grammar Pilihan Ganda dan Jawabannya

Ada beberapa cara yang dapat digunakan untuk belajar tentang grammar bahasa inggris, salah satunya melalui latihan soal bahasa inggris tentang grammar. Nah, dalam hal ini sudah kami sediakan setidaknya ada 50 soal pilihan ganda tentang grammar. Jumlah soal bahasa inggris yang cukup banyak untuk meningkatkan kemampuan kalian dalam mempelajari grammar. Soal grammar bahasa inggris ini sangat cocok digunakan untuk mengukur kemampuan grammar siswa di SMP/ SMA. Jika kalian membutuhkan soal essay tentang grammar, silahkan buka :

Contoh soal grammar bahasa inggris yang kami sediakan sesuai dengan judulnya sudah ada kunci jawaban dan pembahasan soal. Jadi kalian dalam mengerjakan soal grammar ini tidak perlu khawatir, karena sudah ada kunci jawabannya. Kunci jawaban soal grammar segaja kami taruh akhir artikel agar kalian dalam mengerjakan soal grammar ini tidak langsung tahu jawabannya.

Oya, meskipun sudah ada kunci jawaban pada soal grammar bahasa inggris ini, kalian tetap teliti dalam mengerjakan soal. Siapa tahu ada pembahasan soal grammar ini ada yang salah. Jika kalian menjumpai ada kunci jawaban soal grammar ini ada yang salah, silahkan menghubungi kami melalui kolom komentar. Tanpa panjang lebar lagi, berikut ini contoh soal grammar pilihan ganda dan kunci jawaban.

Soal Pilihan Ganda Grammar Bahasa Inggris

1. Budi : “I’m sure he will be successful in his job.”
         Agus : “Yes “ ....
A. if he had worked hard enough
B. if he should work hard enough
C. if he worked hard enough
D. if he works hard enough
E. if he work hard enough

2. The batik dress mother gave me is old, its color has faded. Its refers to …
A. me
B. mother
C. dress
D. batik
E. color

3. Mira : “When do you plan to get married?”
         Susanti : “After … school”.
A. I have been finished
B. I finish
C. I am finishing
D. I finished
E. I had finished

4. “… he would have  eaten half of the cake.”
A. If he would be hungry
B. If he is hungry
C. If only he was hungry
D. Were he hungry
E. Had he been hungry

5. “I could have asked somebody else to carry that box” means …
A. “I didn’t want to carry the box”
B.  “I carried the box”
C. “I asked someone to carry the box”
D.  “Somebody else carried the box”
E.  “I would ask someone to carry the box”

6. Which of the following statements is correct?
” …”
“Yes; sometimes I do”
A. Do see ever you my uncle?
B. Do you see ever my uncle?
C. Ever do you see my uncle?
D. Do you ever see my uncle?
E. Do ever see you my uncle?

7. Your sister always gets up late on Sundays, …?
A. doesn’t she
B. isn’t it
C. does it
D. will she
E. should she

8. Ulfa went to the blackboard as if she knew how to solve the problem. The underlined words mean …
A. she succeeded in solving the problem
B. She actually couldn’t solve the problem
C. she definitely knew how to solve the problem
D. She ought to know how to solve the problem
E. She should know how to solve the problem

9. I’m planning to go to a party tonight, but it’s raining very hard now. I wish …
A. it had stopped
B. it stops
C. it would stop
D. it will stop
E. it has stopped

10. .… a new language can be very interesting.
A. In learning
B. Learn
C. Learning
D. Learned
E. To learning

11. Everything can … well if you also try to cooperate with us.
A. runs
B. ran
C. run
D. running
E. to run

12. My Math teacher may … us  writing test tomorrow so have to make preparation for it
A. gives
B. give
C. given
D. gave
E. to give

13. Most of students in this class can … English fluently, the others still have to practice a lot.
A. to speak
B. speak
C. speaking
D. spoke
E. speaks

14. My uncle works hard night and day because he … support his family economy.
A. had
B. have to
C. have
D. has to
E. has

15. You should … driving license if you drive a car on high way otherwise the police give you a  ticket.
A. having
B. have
C. have to
D. has
E. has to

16. Students must … their school fee as much as Rp 200.000 every month.
A. paying
B. pay
C. pays
D. paid
E. to pay

17. T. Alfa Edison … electricity which is very important for us nowadays.
A. invention
B. invents
C. to invent
D. invent
E. invented

18. My uncle is one of Math teachers in this school. She … here everyday.
A. is teaching
B. teaching
C. teach
D. taught
E. teaches

19. My computer is out of order so I must … it to Computer Center to repair it.
A. bringing
B. bring
C. brought
D. to bring
E. brings

20. The room is dark so we can’t … anything without light.
A. seen
B. see
C. sees
D. saw
E. to see

21. It is raining hard so you must … your car slowly.
A. drives
B. drive
C. to drive
D. driving
E. driven

22. I had five books on my table two days ago but now … only two on it.
A. there is no
B. there is
C. there was
D. there are
E. there were

23. My brother lives in village but she … in city.
A. work
B. works
C. working
D. worked
E. to work

24. I always bring my dictionary everyday to my school, but I … to bring it yesterday.
A. forgot
B. forget
C. forgetting
D. forgotten
E. to forget

25. I … my bike when it was dirty, but now I am lazy to wash it
A. washed
B. washing
C. washes
D. to wash
E. wash

Contoh Soal Grammar Pilihan Ganda dan Jawabannya

26. The river near my house is deep enough so it … dangerous for children to play near it.
A. has
B. is
C. were
D. was
E. are

27. My teacher will … happy if I can answer his question well.
A. has been
B. to be
C. being
D. be
E. been

28. I sometimes come late to school but this day I … early.
A. came
B. come
C. to come
D. comes
E. coming

29. The man has elementary school education but he … good at english.
A. has
B. is
C. were
D. was
E. are

30. Her hobby is singing that’s why she always … singing together with her friends.
A. practiced
B. practices
C. to practice
D. practice
E. practicing

31. “Would you mind … please?”
A. for answering the telephone
B. to answer the telephone
C. answer the telephone
D. answering the telephone
E. to answer the telephone

32. The man … is very rich.
A. whose has Ferrari
B. of which car Ferrari
C. whose have Ferrari
D. whose car is Ferrari
E. that his car is Ferrari

33. Don’t worry! … the heavy rain, I will visit you next saturday night.
A. Despite
B. However
C. Even though
D. Besides
E. Furthermore

34. If you want to … in running your business, you must work hard.
A. successive
B. success
C. successfully
D. succeed
E. successful

Contoh Soal Grammar Pilihan Ganda dan Jawaban dan pembahasannya

35. It is necessary that you … here on time.
A. be
B. are
C. to be
D. were
E. are not

36. Don’t let your baby … outside!
A. plays
B. play
C. is playing
D. playing
E. to play

37. Agus : “Gunawan is playing well now.”
Bagus : “He … before.”
A. must practice a lot
B. must have practiced a lot
C. ought to have practiced a lot
D. could have practiced a lot
E. should be practiced a lot

38. … the  Pahlawan street when it began to rain.
A. would walk down
B. am walking down
C. have been walking down
D. have walked down
E. was walking down

39. Having caught the thief , ….
A. the police took the thief and the evidence to the police station
B. the thief was taking to the police station with the evidence
C. the evidence and the thief were taken to the police station
D. the police station would be the best place to question the thief
E. the thief would be questioned by the police in the police station

40. Mother warned her … the newly painted wall.
A. not touch
B. not touched
C. do not touch
D. not to touch
E. not touching

41. I am planning to go to the party tonight but it is not raining. It’s raining very hard now.I wish ….
A. It had stopped
B. It stops
C. It would stop
D. It will stop
E. It stopped

42. “Let’s go swimming.” I wish I .... We have a test next Tuesday.
A. will be able to
B. am able to
C. be able to
D. could
E. could be

43. I wish you ….tomorrow.
A. are going to go
B. have gone
C. would go
D. will go
E. shall go

44. Is Susanti still sick?
Yes, I wish she …. here now to help me type the report.
A. had been
B. is
C. would be
D. were
E. will be

45. I wish …. now to watch our play.
A. he will be here
B. he is here
C. he were here
D. he has been here
E. he be here

46. Tamara : I am afraid I can’t finish my work.
Desti  : I wish I could help you.
From the dialogue we conclude that Tamara …. Desti.
A. doesn’t want to help
B. can’t help
C. didn’t  help
D. won’t help
E. hadn’t help

47. Sudirman has won  a medal for swimming. I wish I …..as good as he is
A. were
B. would be
C. am
D. will be
E. should be

48. I wish you …..  stay at home because I am sure you will  the concert very much.
A. don’t have to
B. didn’t have to
C. hadn’t to
D. hadn’t had to
E. haven’t had to

49. “If only his son  had studied hard” means ....
A. his son never studies  hard
B. his son did not study hard
C. his son has studied hard
D. his son studied hard
E. his son will not study hard

50. She  goes to the blackboard as if  she knew how to solve the problem .
The underlined words mean ...
A. She succeeded in solving the problem
B. she actually couldn’t solve the problem
C. She does not know how to solve the problem
D. she ought to know how to solve the problem
E. She didn’t know how to solve the problem

Kunci Jawaban Soal Pilihan Ganda Grammar Bahasa Inggris

1 D 11 C 21 B 31 D 41 C
2 D 12 B 22 D 32 D 42 D
3 B 13 B 23 B 33 C 43 C
4 E 14 B 24 A 34 D 44 D
5 C 15 D 25 A 35 B 45 C
6 D 16 B 26 B 36 B 46 B
7 A 17 E 27 D 37 B 47 A
8 B 18 E 28 B 38 E 48 B
9 C 19 B 29 B 39 A 49 B
10 C 20 B 30 B 40 D 50 C

Contoh soal grammar pilihan ganda dan jawabannya/ pembahasannya telah kami bagikan kepada kalian. Jika kalian tidak puas dengan soal grammar bahasa inggris di atas, silahkan buka soal bahasa inggris tentang grammar.

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